On your graduation day!



There are only a few days in one’s life when you are boundlessly happy, proud and excited and teary-eyed, all at the same time. Tomorrow is one such day, I guess. You might not realize it but nobody will ever be happier and prouder than us when we see you at stage. Not the perfect analogy, but the feeling is very similar to that when a gardener looks at his flourishing garden.


It might not seem to you to be a great achievement but at-least for a day, tomorrow, do not belittle it. Feel proud about it.

While you wait in the hall, listening to the names of your friends being called, notice the smile on their faces, the happiness in their eyes. And when they call out yours, look out for us. We would be waving at you.

Meet your friends. Hug them. Throw your graduation uttariyas in the air. Get clicked. Click photos.Walk through the time you have spent here and collect everything that makes you smile. Become aware of the mistakes you made and be thankful for the times that tested you or you would have never come to know of your strengths.

Meet your professor.

Be with us for sometime, before you go off with your friends again. And before you leave, give us your best smile, the best of all, when I say,

“Say cheese!”

And today,

Smile, because tomorrow is your day. Smile, because you graduate tomorrow!


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