Last night

I woke up earlier than usual today but with a heavy head. I was completely blank about how I was feeling after the last nights’ debacle but the air seemed too heavy for me to breathe.

Getting down from the bed, I cleared the window off the curtains and opened them. The sun was up with its un-comforting armory of rays. But soon a faint whiff of the flowers kept in the adjoining balcony accompanied the seemingly harsh sun rays. Closing my eyes,  to capture the ecstasy amid the burning rays and the soothing scent, I tried not to remember you. Alas, I failed.

The breeze that had pulled in the whiff through the windows suddenly dropped. This made me open my eyes.

The eyes close, I think, to collect and keep with themselves every ecstasy they can find around them. But if they are interrupted, they lose everything they had collected till then.

Like I lost you, last night.


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